You were abandoned or otherwise left alone as an infant.
Against all odds you survived, though it was not
until much later in your life that you rejoined society.
Emerging from your brutal, animalistic life to the
world of people was difficult, and even now you struggle
to be around people for too long.
People from a feral background may be highly
adaptive, having learned to fend for themselves in a
hostile world at a very young age. In other much rarer
cases, they find themselves taken in and cared for
by wild animals. The settlements of civilized creatures
are alien, hostile places to feral people, and those who
have tried to rehabilitate themselves into the world often
find they fight a constant battle between the rules
of society and their base instincts.
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Perception, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit
Languages: You only know one language. You do
not speak it well, and you are unable to learn any others
even if you are granted additional languages by
your class or race.

Equipment: A crude stone or wooden tool that
you made yourself (a hammer, pick, basic spear, etc.)
or a trinket from your pre-abandonment childhood (a
baby’s rattle, or a stuffed toy, or the like), ragged clothing,
and a pouch you made yourself containing 10gp
It’s not often the case that those who have grown up
outside of civilization return to society. Think about
what drove you to emerge from your isolation, or roll
on the following table to determine the reason.

d6 Rehabilitated
1 The place you have survived in and called home your
whole life is under threat. You seek a means to end the
threat so you can return to the safety of your seclusion.
2 You are haunted by the briefest memory of your parents
before you were separated. You don’t know who
or where they are, but you are determined to find them.
3 You watched the people of the city coming and going
for years, people who look like you and not the beasts
you call family. It has taken an age, but now you have
gained the courage to go amongst them.
4 The gods spoke to you, and told you that you have
been chosen for a great purpose. Your test in the wilds
is over; now you are to be tested in new ways.
5 You found a lost baby in the wilderness. Knowing
it could not survive as you have, you took it upon
yourself to return it to its world. It was only once you
arrived that you realized you had not been surviving
alone either.
6You made your home in an ancient ruin. Then the
adventurers came, looting and pillaging, and brought
chaos to your life. Now you want revenge.

Feature: Weather Sense
You lived your formative years with no kind of fixed
shelter. You have learned to read the winds and the sky,
so that you always know what the weather will do over
the next 24 hours. You can always find adequate shelter
from naturally-occurring bad weather for you and
your companions, unless you are in a place where such
shelter would be impossible (for example, if you are
adrift at sea).

Suggested Characteristics
A feral upbringing imbues a wildness in a person that
is difficult to disguise. Someone with the feral background
might communicate more in gestures and
grunts than words, might mistrust being indoors, or
may be incredibly territorial and possessive of their
friends and belongings (if they have any of either). A
life of adventure offers a chance to forget the social niceties
they have been forced to learn and revert back
to a violent, simple way of life that makes more sense
to them.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Urban areas are unnatural and make me nervous. I am
much happier out of sight of so-called civilized places.
2 I don’t understand what gods are or why people worship
3 Money doesn’t interest me as much as useful things,
and food.
4 Language fascinates me, and I repeat words and phrases
that I hear even if I don’t understand them.
5 I am shy around people and very slow to trust.
6 I am curious about this new world of people and can’t
help but study and question everything around me.
7 Fire scares me.
8 I have a deep respect for – and healthy fear of – animals
and nature, and do my best not to bring unnecessary
harm to them.

d6 Ideal
1 Survival. I would rather flee and live to fight another
day than fight to the death out of pride. (Any)
2 Aspiration. I’m determined to prove that I’m more
than the savage people say I am. (Any)
3 Freedom. Laws are chains on the true nature of people
and the world, and I will not be chained. (Chaotic)
4 Live and Let Live. Meddling in the affairs of others
only causes trouble. (Neutral)
5 Change. Life, like the seasons, is in constant flux, and
we must learn to change with it. (Chaotic)
6 Nature. The natural world is more precious and important
than anything created by people. (Neutral)

d6 Bond
1 Any threat to my home is a threat to me.
2 The gods have a plan for me, and I will do everything
in my power to fulfill it.
3 Whatever it takes, I will be reunited with the family I
never got a chance to know.
4 My friends are the only family I know, and I will defend
them with my life.
5 Now that I have discovered civilization, I want to see
as much of it as possible.
6 I owe my life to the animals that saved me from death
in the wilderness.

d6 Flaw
1 I think in terms of short-term survival, and find it
difficult to focus on long-term goals.
2 I’m suspicious of strangers and do not hide it well.
3 I see nothing wrong with taking the things you want
4 Weak or sick people are of no use to me, and I will
discard them without thought.
5 I get angry around people who are more intelligent
than me, because I assume they are mocking me.
6 If I spend too long around lots of people I start to
get anxious and aggressive.


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