Fae consider themselves as natures guardians. They call natural places their home. They are teritorial over their homes and you better respect their territory. Their creator, a god who lost his ability to create life when his true might was sealed away in the proces of creating the world. He pooled his arcanna in a Cocoon from a tree and after a long time sprang the first fea.

Image; fea are around 1 feet tall and wighting 10lbs/4.5kg. They are partly coverd with chitin armor and have athena. Mails and females are very hard to discern because they dont have reproductive organs and their features are very androgine. They have no vieuw on sexuality, the concept is strange to them. fea choos a partner solely on how they feel about them regardless of how they identify.

The Blossoming; fea reproduce by undergoing the blossoming ritual. which takes place once a year. After which the fea who have coupled go into hiding for a month and craft a cocoon over the course of the month and pour their essence in it. Eventualy the crysalis burst open and gives birth to a new fea. During this time of year the fea are verry agresive and protective of their territory.

Fea are often friendly with neigbouring villages or even cities as long as their territory and nature is respected. In the world of Pash-Mara fea often live in the oaseses of the desert or in glades of iet iland jungles and river deltas. They even live in the city of Jammilla where a glade was crafted in the city for them in one of its lusterus parks.

Male names: Eshu, Ogba Ikram
Female names: Lune , Orlla, Osha, Fana
Family names: Bramblethorn, Windleaf, Hailvine, Reedbender, Brightember.
Abillity inncrease: your dexterity increases by 2
Age: You reach adulthood at age 10 and live up to a century
Alignment: Chaotic and mostly neutral and good but evil happens
Size: between 6 inches/ 15cm and a feet/ 30cm your size is tiny.
Speed: walking 15 feet
Flight: your speed is 30 feet
Fae weapon training: your proficient with finesse and light weapons. Fea treat spears and polearms made for their size as finesses weapons.
Color shift: your shiftiing pigmintation allows you to blend into any surrounding. You may take the hide action as a bonus action in plain sight provided you are not moving.
Fae Fire: As an action you can emit bioluminescence from your wings. you shed dim light in a 10 foot radius around yourself while Fea fire is active. You may end the effect as a bonus action.
Natures gift: you know the druidcraft cantrip. Once you reach 3rd level, you can also cast the sanimal friendschip spell once per day as a 2nd level spell. Once you reach 5th leel you can cast the spike growth spell once per day. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Languages You can speak, read and write common and sylvan. while speaking their skin will flash in colerfull patterns and their antennae will dance around rythmically. denoting feeling and emphasis.

Tiny caracters follow the following rules:
Superior cover. you gain3/4 cover when larger creatures would gain half and full cover when larger creatrures would gain full cover.
Tiny: you may occupy the space of tiny or larger creatures.
Small weapons: You do 1 die less damage with weapons due to them being made for your size if you canot reduce the damage dies by 1. decrease the die type by 1 step if possible.


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