Extra-planar Exotic

You come from a plane that is unusual and distinctive.
You may come from a place where the natural laws are
perverted or do not apply or function at all. You may
come from a place where creatures from other planes
congregate to trade or interact, and so the influence of
multiple cultures has blended into a unique
environment. You may come from a renowned place
like the city of brass or one of the unseelie courts. You
may come from a distinctive plane like pandemonium
or limbo. You could come from a little-known pocket
Skill Proficiency: choose two from:
Acrobatics, Arcana, Deception, Insight, Investigation,
Perception, Persuasion
Tool Proficiency: choose one from:
any Instrument, Gaming set, tool, supply, utensil, or
kit, S/R/W one language
Languages: S/R/W language of your plane
Starting Equipment: traveler’s clothes common to your
plane, healing potion, one small fetish from your
home plane, pouch with stones, strangely colored
dirt, or other elements from your home plane, pouch
with 20gp

Feature: Stories Beyond Belief
You are always recognizable as an exotic foreigner.
Tales describing your home plane and its denizens will
enrapture, delight, and entertain common folk and
nobles alike. Stories of your home told to the right folk
(you always seem to know who those folk are) will get
you a meal on the house at the very least. Often a
listener will be so enraptured hearing your tale they
will offer to host your stay (for a short while) and either
pay for your lodging for a night or offer you a room in
their home in the hope of hearing more of your tales of
wondrous places far away.
Suggested Class: Any
Any class can come from another plane.

d6 Trait
1 I am talkative and proud
2 I am quiet and keep my opinions to myself
3 I love to share my opinions and stories
4 I am self-important and often ignore or talk over
other people
5 I am vain and love attention
6 I am focused and driven and don’t appreciate

d6 Ideal Definition
1 Charity I have a unique and privileged life; I
must better others’ lives (Good)
2 Vanity I come from somewhere special,
therefore I am better (Evil)
3 Order Even in the most chaotic places
systems of order can be imposed
4 Opportunist Embrace the opportunities the
unexpected brings (Chaotic)
5 Tolerance All peoples can be interesting and of
value to another (Neutral)
6 Wanderer Travel brings opportunities to learn,
share, and gain from other beings

d6 Bond
1 My family are my people
2 I left my home plane to find a specific item of great
3 I must prove my worth to those in power in my
home plane by learning and acquiring items of
power and value
4 I must find a suitable mate
5 I have a friend or mentor at home who means more
to me than anyone else
6 My plane faces a threat we are unprepared to
handle; I must find help

d6 Flaw
1 I am overly trusting and believe everything I am told
2 I am cynical and do not believe any “foreigner”
3 I am self-important and greedy; I think I should have
everything of value I come across
4 I do not know the value of things and am only
interested in things that appear pretty or shiny
5 I don’t know how to speak clearly and am confusing
6 I can’t tell whether things are sentient or items

Extra-planar Exotic

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