Aurin: aquatic dwarf

Ability Score Increase. Your strength score increases by 1.
Gills. You can breathe underwater
Webbed Fingers. You are able to swim 40 feet and you have proficiency on all swim checks.Sea dwarves can survive out of water for days or even weeks, but they will feel like they are “drying-out” without regular access to the sea.
Image Sea dwarves have greenish-blue skin and hair and beards that are red or green.
Aurirn are called sea dwarves by surface dwellers, but they are rarely seen.
Aurirn can be found in a few communities along a large undersea mountain range. They dwell in a small towns above or inside undersea mines.
Lighter and taller than other dwarves, they are strong with thickly webbed digits. The most unusual feature is the gills visible in their necks and over their ribs.
Sea dwarves clothing and armor are formed from underwater organic materials and metals that do not rust.
Sailors prize rare weapons and armor created by Aurirn, due to their durability and resistance to rust.

Seacliff Dwarf
As a Seaclif dwarf, you are charming and free spirited.
you have spent most of your life near a coast
or out at sea, giving you a natural affinity for water,
nearly every Seaclif dwarf knows how to swim, and
can hold your breath for much longer than other
Ability score increase. Your charisma score Increases
by 1.
Strong Swimmers. You have a swim speed equivalent
to your base movement speed and you gain
proiciency with Athletics.

Wild Dwarf
As a Wild dwarf, you are quick and nimble having
spent most of your life as a hunter gatherer. Wild
dwarves are the descendants of dwarves who have
chosen to abandon their ancient holds due to a sense
of wanderlust or feeling of coninement.
Ability score increase. Your Dexterity Score Increases
by 1.
Survival training. You gain proiciency with the
blowgun, spear, net, the survival skill and the animal
handling skill.

Glacier Dwarf
As a glacier dwarf, you are highly resistant to the
extreme temperatures of your home. Glacier dwarves
are dwarves that build their great holds within
Icy glaciers rather than deep underground.
Ability score increase. Your Wisdom score increases
by 1.
Arctic heritage. You are resistant to cold damage
and you are not afected by extremely cold weather


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