Aliens from the broken planets that Pash-Mara circulates. they flet their planet(s) just before the great calamity that destroyed their their homeplanet(s). They landed on Pash-Mara in escape pots that landed toghether with the pieces of planet. Resulting in the destruction that created the star sea, and the other pronounced current landscapes of Pash-Mara.

After centuries in stasisis the draenei awoke from their sleep. Some awoken by them selves others where found by their other races and released from their pods. Most adventuring draenei, next to their personal goals are looking for other surviving pods of their kindsman. In the hope of finding other survivors of the calamity that brought them to Pash-Mara.

The world ot the draenei prepared them little for the hot and often dry climate of the majority of Pash mara. The draenei feel most at home in the snowy mountains of their new world. But they can be found around Pash-Mara depending on where their pod crashed and if they have met other of their kin.

Image: Draenei have a blue skin tone. Their eyes have sollid collors and can be white, silver, or blue. their hair that grows behind their horns (female) or plated foreheads (male) in dark shades of black, brown, blue or purple. males have beards that resemble small foot long tails. female have minature tails growing behind their pointed ears. they have furless hooved feet like that of a bull. They are often mistaken for thieflings.

Draenei traits: your intelligence score increases with 1 and your strenght with 2
Age: same as humans
Alignment: Most are lawful good: they have a firm belief in that everbody deserves a share of the bounty of a just, ordered society.
Size: they are slightly bigger and bulkier than humans they stand between the 5 and well over the 6 feet tall. Your size is medium
Speed: 30 feet base walking speed.
Natural magic resistance: you have advantage on all Inteligence wisdom and charisma saving throws againt magic.
inner Forge The Draenai kan summon a mystical black fire, The fire has colored dots of light like stars acros its surface. When touched it is neither hot or cold. But a draenai can create a not penalyzed improvised weapon from any material in just a turn inside this fire. This weapon has all the atributes of a normal weapon of its kind + the atributes of the material its made from. The weapon counts as magical and does magical damage. The weapon only lasts a 1d4 uses. So if you role a 2 you can try to hit a target two times before it brakes beyond repair. The draenai who forges it knows instinctivly when the forging is complete how many uses the weapon has. It can also be used to create normal lasting weapons from any material but this is an exhausting proces. after two hours of forging in the fire a draenai gains a level of exhaustion. Most stop for the day not willing to risk their creation. You have to take a long rest to use this feature again and to lose a level of exhaustion. This makes it a slow and tedious proces.
Jewel crafter: you may choose one of the following artisan tools, Gem cutting tools, smithing tools, jewel smith tools. You are proficient with these tools
Heavy WorlderThe draenai lived on a higher gravity planet to earth and have the strength to jump further than most creatures. When given a 10 foot running start you have advantage on Strength (Athletic) checks when involing a long jump.
Languages: common and celestial



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