You worked (and probably lived) on the docks of a
river, lake, or sea. You spent your days laboring hard
and socializing with other common folk who worked
just as hard as you. You were part of a close-knit
community and always will be to some degree.
Skill Proficiency: Athletics
choose one from:
Deception, Insight, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand

Tool Proficiency: choose one from:
Water Vehicles, one gaming set, Cartographers tools,
Navigators tools, Net Makers tools, Rope makers
tools, Sail makers tools, Woodcarvers tools,
Wrights tools
choose one from:
S/R one language, one Gaming set, one Instrument,
Land Vehicles, Water Vehicles

Starting Equipment: small sack with 50 foot of hemp
rope with grappling hook, holy symbol, large knife,
one set of common clothes, heavy waterproof
jacket, pouch with 15gp

Feature: Harbor Folk
You grew up on the docks and the harbor folk
remember you and still treat you as one of them. They
welcome you and your companions. While they might
charge you for it, they’ll always offer what food and
shelter they have; they’ll even hide you if the City
Watch is after you

Suggested Class: Fighter, Rogue
Any class can come from the docks, but people who move on
from the docks often become fighters and rogues.

d6 Trait
1 I work hard and keep to myself
2 I love to talk and will start conversations to avoid
doing things I find unpleasant
3 I am surly and gruff with all but my closest friends
4 I am troubled and unhappy
5 I am friendly to everyone and always wear a smile
6 I am a know it all and correct people constantly

d6 Ideal Definition
1 Compassion I am here for anyone who needs my
help (Good)
2 Manipulative I can get what I want by leveraging
my network of informants (Evil)
3 Community Everyone has a job and a place in
our system (Lawful)
4 Adaptable I adapt to what comes each day
5 Community Other people can help you in hard
times (Neutral)
6 Labor Work hard and be rewarded

d6 Bond
1 My family and community are everything to me
2 I love someone who deserves more than someone
from the docks; I must earn their love
3 I was accused of a crime and shunned from my
community; I must set things straight
4 I must see the world and bring home stories that
prove I’m worthy of respect
5 The docks are a hotbed of criminal activity; some of
them have it out for me
6 There is a warrant out for me; I can’t return home

d6 Flaw
1 I am dishonest and often exaggerate
2 I drink (or abuse other substances)
3 I like a good fight, and am violent when provoked
4 I am used to knowing everyone and am nervous in
populated areas that are new to me
5 I trust religious leaders without question
6 I am distrustful of nobles and cause problems for
them whenever I have an opportunity


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