In many ancient worlds, military service was
compulsory and armies were filled with conscripted
peasants led by noble officers. This does not lead to
enthusiastic military service the same way an allvolunteer
army does. Deserting an army was a crime,
often punishable by death. You were willing to take
that risk, and left your service before given leave.
Perhaps you had seen too much death, or maybe some
other aspect of a soldiers’ life didn’t agree with you.
Whatever the reason, you are on the run from a past
that could spell disaster for you if you get caught
Discuss the particulars of your service and when and
how you deserted with your DM
Skill Proficiency: Athletics
choose one from:
Animal Handling, Intimidation, Survival
Tool Proficiency: choose one from:
one gaming set, Bowyer and Fletcher’s Tools,
Cartographer’s Tools, Cobbler’s Tools, Cook’s
Utensils, Leather worker’s Tools, Mailler’s Tools,
Rope maker’s Tools, Smith’s Tools, Tailor’s Supplies,
Wright’s Tools
choose one from:
one Gaming set, one Instrument, S/R one language,
Land vehicles, Water vehicles
Starting Equipment: one gaming set, or a set of tools
or supplies, one piece of uniform (hat, badge of rank,
award, etc.), mess kit, one set of traveler’s clothes,
pouch with 10gp

Feature: No Questions Asked
Some people are sympathetic to rulebreakers and
fugitives. Some employers realize that not asking
questions can earn them loyal workers that will do
work others don’t want to do, or would charge too
much to do. You can earn a poor living doing
unpleasant chores for a sympathetic individual or

Suggested Class: Fighter, Ranger
This background could work for almost any class but is a good
mix of skills for a martial character.

d6 Trait
1 I am pessimistic and feel that my lot in life is to be
2 I always seem worried about something
3 I am rebellious and confrontational
4 I don’t like to stay in one place for too long
5 I am quiet and often unnoticed
6 I am disciplined and dependable

d6 Ideal Definition
1 Respect All people deserve to be treated with
respect and dignity (Good)
2 Power No one will ever tell me what to do (Evil)
3 Lawful and appropriate orders must be
followed (Lawful)
4 Insistent I will do what I know is right regardless
of the law (Chaotic)
5 Truth Good an evil are a matter of perspective,
a different perspective is not always
wrong (Neutral)
6 Freedom Do what you know is right for you

d6 Bond
1 I will do anything to redeem myself
2 I was in a unit that committed atrocities, I will bring
those involved to justice
3 I had a superior officer who was a monster, I will
bring him to justice regardless of his social standing
4 I need to see my family again, but can’t go home
5 My unit became my brothers, I will do anything for
6 I fell in love and left my service because I couldn’t
bear to leave him/her

d6 Flaw
1 I worry I will be treated unjustly
2 I become aggressive and belligerent when
3 Violence can solve almost every problem
4 I get irritable when in populated areas
5 I compulsively challenge authority figures and nobles
6 I overcompensate for dishonoring myself by telling
stories about my service all the time


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