Darujihstan lies east of Mount Pamir and under The swirling sea. To the west lay the Genie emirates and to the southwest lies glamourus Jamilla It is a desert nation that has build permanent fort like settelments near oasises. The core value of the mostly human Daru houses is family. The bonds of blood and oath interconnect them and gives them the strenght of unity against the many dangers of the desert.

The Kin-tree
The country of the Daru tree a Rare desert thriving tree whose fruit are responsible for the success of the Daru clan. The three made it possible to stop their nomadic life as raiders and settle down in settlements to live of agriculture. The Daru tree is one of the main foots of the Daru. The tree is also at the centre for their ancestor cults. Each family has a Daru tree that is known as the kin-tree. This tree is cared for by the eldest child of the family. The others may set out in the world as soldiers, merchants, artisan etc. When they set out to start families of their own they may take seeds to grow one of their own. When a family member dies they are buried under the tree so he becomes one with the tree as it breaks the corpse down for nutrients. Their bodies provide nutrients for the tree, which in turn bear fruit for future generations. Instead of headstones, family names are carved directly into the kin tree. This concept reflects the Daru ideal of duty to the family. In fact, the spirits of the dead are closely connected to their trees, and can be called upon in times of war. Al the Daru trees decent from the One-tree. The one tree current stands in the capital and under it is wooden throne of the sultan of the Daru.

Ancestor worship and Spirit-magic
The Daru reverence for their Kin trees interconnects with their ancestor worship. Each family’s kin-tree is the hub for ancestor worship. The resin from kin-trees is used to summon the ancestors to their aid or to curse and harass their enemies. The spirit of disowned Daru has nowhere to go after death because they will not be buried under a kin tree. They can change in malevolent spirits if they find no other way to an afterlife.

Political structure
For an outsider the Daru may seem like a whole. But the truth is that they are a fine web of interconnected families. There is an intricate political game of forming bonds with other families and trying to isolate rival families. The Daru see disunity as a risk to fall to their enemies and political games are not allowed to destabilize the greater unity.

Familial relations
- Blood-kin: Family members related by blood, no matter how distantly.
- Bond-kin: Family members linked by oaths of loyalty. Yatim fall in this catogary
- Orphans: Have no family (anymore) but are still part of the Daru. Orphans kan be adopted in families.
- Disowned: These people have been ritually disowned for crimes or shaming their family. They can’t be adopted into a family according to Daru law. You can find small colonies of disowned outside Daru settlements, some become wanderers or mercenaries. Some travel to the The swirling sea to live the life of a pirate, others travel to Genie emirates to fight in The war of the elements and build a life amongst the Genasi.
- Yatim: Orphaned children of the Daru enemies who are taken by the Daru and raised as soldiers. This tradition dates back to when the Daru where nomadic Raiders and remains a strong institution today. By Daru law the yatim must be treated as bond kin. Many yatim are adopted into the families they are bound to protect. Many half-orcs have joined The Daru as Yatim.

The house of Jall is the only house to ever leave the Daru coalition. They took their kintree to the otherside of the mountains. Struck a deal with the archfey and built beautifull Jamilla. After their pact with the Twilights rulers was struck they declared themselves independent and took al their resources with them. The Daru don’t wage war against their renegade house but see them as untrustworthy and disloyal. They broke the unity of the Daru and are now permanently exiled and scorned for it. Their continues spiral in decadence only confirms that the Daru stans against their former brothers is just.

Common races
Dessert Elves
Half-Orc (PHB)

Common classes

Path of the ancestral guardian

common gods
Al-Uzza Defender aspect Taus Malek
Khepran beetle god of gunpowder and protection
Dhawit godess of plants and night

common domains
Ancestor domain
Dessert Domain
Plant domain
Protection Domain

Way of the guardian

Ancestor mystery

Oath of ancestors
Oath of Conquest
Oath of the Wall

Speaker of the ancestors

Pact of the ancestor
Pact of the living sand
Pact of the oasis guardian
Pact of the wraith

Sandcrafter tradition

Major locations


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