Darujihstan lais east of mount Pamir and under The Swirling sea. It is a desert nation that has build permanent settelments near oasises.

The Daru tree
Darujihstan is the country of the Daru tree a Rare desert thriving tree whose fruit are responsible for the success of the Daru clan. The Daru tree is next one of the main foots of the Daru also the centre for their ancestor cults. Each family has a Daru tree that is known as the kin-tree. This tree is cared for by the eldest child of the family. The others may set out in the world as soldiers, merchants, artisan etc. When they set out to start families of their own they may take seeds to grow one of their own. When a family member dies they are buried under the tree so he becomes one with the tree as it breaks the corpse down for nutrients. So their bodies are transformed to fruits that will feed the next generation. instead of headstones their names are carved directly in the kin tree. This reflects the Daru ideal of family.

Ancestor cult
The spirits of the dead are closely connected to the tree and can be called upon in times of need. Daru worship their ancestors through these trees. The tree is functioning as the hub for these ancestors. Sometimes the Ancestors give one of the faithful their blessing. These blessed clerics may take the Ancestor domain. Their holy symbol most often is a tree made out of raisin or containing raisin of their kin-tree. They can use their ancestors to protect their family or attack their ennemies. Disowned Daru who die their spirits have no place to go most of the time they become malicious and vengeful. Some use them to wreak havoc on the ennemy in times of need. And maybe a malignent spirit can become powerful enout to form the Pact of the wraith with a potential Warlock.

The first Tree
The first tree stands in the city of Daru, capital of Darujihstan. It is protected by the Nashrid Fortres. The first tree stands on a grand plaza that it mostly covers now. This gives it an indoor feel. The roots of the tree are guided in their growth form a throne. This is the seet where the Sultan of the Daru clans holds court.

As everywhere on Pash-Mara the God Taus Malek faith is prominent in Darujihstan. Next to the peacock angel and their ancestors the Daru holt some other gods in high regard. Because of their dependency on trees and fruit has next to their ancestors the goddess Dhawit who governs everything around the polination and the bearing of fruits of trees and plants is verry popular in Dahrujihstan.

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