Domains: Ocean domain, Ophidian domain, Chaos domain, Destruction domain, Venom domain
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
divinity lvl: Primordial

The sea-snake like god, with his ever shifting appearance, makes his home in the Primordial chaos. He is the eldest of the primordials, he is probably the oldest being in existence. He is maybe only rivaled in age by Ptah who is maybe seconds younger.

The god of Chaos wants to bring down creation and absorb it back in the perfection of the primordial chaos. But he is traped in the treelike network of pathways that Ptah created to hold creation aloft from the primordial choas and so forever seperating it. Dagons body coils around the roots of Ptahs world tree that pins him to the primordial chaos. He gnaws on the roots and so slowly poisoning the tree making it sure it will die and fall, with all the worlds it holds into the primordial chaos.

The fod of chaos does’nt only attack the roots of the tree, he creates monsters from the primordial chaos. His demons dealings with mortals has resulted even in his own thiefling bloodline, the Nammu.

Dagons clerics and palladins belief the order of the multiverse is a perversion. Its ideal state is that of the primordial chaos. The world is corrupted and must be brought down to be re-created. They aim to overtrow the order of Pash-Mara and the multiverse. they see chaos as the prefered state of the multiverse to the corrupt order it exists in now. They throw families, cities and countries in chaos. They aim to break the pathways between wortls that create the world tree that holds their god and help him bring the universe back to it’s ideal state.



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