You were created. You may be a formerly inanimate
object brought to life by some arcane energies. You
may have been alive once, died, then somehow been
re-animated by some remnant of your own soul. Your
soul may have been channeled out of your old body
and into your present body, which used to belong to
Discuss with your DM how and why you were created
and who created you.
Skill Proficiency: Athletics
choose one from:
Acrobatics, Investigation, Perception, Stealth
Tool Proficiency: choose two from:
Carpenters tools, Locksmiths tools, Sculptors tools,
Smiths tools, Tinkers tools, Woodcarvers tools,
S/R one language, Land Vehicles, Water vehicles
Starting Equipment: one set of tools you are proficient
with, one set of traveler’s clothes, hammer, 10 iron
spikes, pouch with 15gp

Feature: Creator
You know a wizard of level 10 or higher who created
you that you can call on for assistance or information.
You know how to contact your creator even when far
away, and your creator may regularly contact you as
well. Your creator will always assist you, and will make
time for you regardless of their own affairs.
- Or -
Feature: Abandoned
You do not know your creator, and the pain of your
abandonment is written all over you. Though they
might fear you, some commoners will extend you
every courtesy and do their utmost to help you. Unless
you have shown yourself to be a danger to them, they
may even take up arms to fight alongside you, should
you find yourself facing an enemy alone.
Suggested Class: Any
Any class can be a construct.

d6 Trait
1 I often pretend to be inanimate to avoid interacting
with others
2 I am timid and avoid eye contact
3 I ask many questions about emotions and other
things living beings experience
4 I do not respond appropriately in social situations
5 I am preoccupied and distant
6 I am eager to please others

d6 Ideal Definition
1 Kindness Compassion is the most important
thing in life (Good)
2 Vengeance Bringing pain to those who hurt you is
the foundation of justice (Evil)
3 Obedience Loyalty is owed your creator (Lawful)
4 Freedom Your life is your own (Chaotic)
5 Tolerance How others live matters not (Neutral)
6 Worth I must prove that I am worthy of life

d6 Bond
1 I love my creator more than anyone
2 I hate my creator and want him/her to suffer
3 I have been treated cruelly by common folk who fear
me; I will see their cruelty repaid
4 I am hunted due to my unholy existence
5 I must find others like me and understand our lives
6 I must find another being to love me

d6 Flaw
1 I do not feel pity or remorse
2 I am constantly questioning my purpose and
existence; it makes me hard to be around
3 I hurt people to see their reaction
4 I am inflexible and will not listen to ideas I don’t like
5 I will always agree to the will of those like my creator
6 I fly into a rage when hurt or confused


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