Domains: Sun domain, Retribution domain, light domain PHB, Civilization domain
Alignment: Lawful good
divinity lvl: Major
Symbol: Sun disc in its full glory

The vengeful sun, he who fights the oncoming chaos, God of the sun, royalty and rulership

Aten is the sun that batteles the chaos that tries to overtake the order of Pash-Mara. He is the burning sun that smites evil. He is the Ruler of The Tri-Crown Pharaonate Pantheon, father of Pasht and Sekhmet husband of Isis. He is the god of kings, rulers and nobles. He is the embodiment of the social order that defines society. He is also the embodimend of the obligations and duty that come with the priviliges of rulership. His fight against what he deems as the Chaos that tries to destroy order bings him into conflict with most of the evil and chaotic gods like Dagon and Ymir. But especialy with his twin Osir who is almost everything his opposite, Talmar who represents the chaos of the desert that Aten and the tri-crown pharonate tries to tame. The god that Aten despises the most is Ba’al who is responsible for the murder of his wife Isis.

Aten’s followers try to bring order to the chaotic wildernes of Pash-Mara bringing civilization and its social order to the wilds. They defend border towns from the chaos of the wilds and evils that trie to destroy them. They wil stand against that civilization will be absorbt back back into the endless desert to be forgotten. They kling to order and hyrarchy but wil quickly overtrow the unworthy and corrupt.


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