Domains: Trickery, Knowledge,
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Divinity level:
Symbol: a spider

Stealer of a divine spark, tricker of Gods, downfal of the vain, greedy and foolish.

The spidergod Arjahni is a shapechanger that much is for sure. But if he was a man or a women is unsure some stories even say he was born a spider. But for every tale there is a tale that says the exact opposite of his nature. So his true form is a mysterie. The constant factors in his tales is that Arjani got what he wanted by trickery and while he often tricked people for his own gain at times it realy mattered he acted in the best intrest of al the inhabitants of the jungels and desserts of Pash-Mara. One of these Times is when he tricked The white Tiger, the god of fear who owned all the stories in giving them up. Arjahni even succeded in cheating him out of his divine spark and locking him in a cave till the end of time.

The servants of Arjani are seen as wise tricksters who bring down the alouf, greedy and foulish and share their bounty with the less fortunate. Some of his followers say that they have seen the god in the form or the company of a milky skined woman with a blue sheen to her complexion. Most atribute this to their lord’s nature of tricking even his followers to keep their minds sharp.



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