Domains: Grave domain, Death domain, Law domain
Alignment: Lawful neutral

Anubis is the preserve of the worthy, protector of tombs and keeper of the death. He weighs the hearts of the deceased and send them to their destined after life in their gods heaven or in one of the hells. Anubis is also responsible to keep the undeath from ravaging the land of the living. His priests anoint those of royal blood to rise again as mummies or liches. Clerics and paladins serving anubis often combat undead and ghost who refuse to move on. They serve the people of Pash-Mara by performing the burial rites, and the rites to send the desceased to the afterlife. Under the sand the Gûls who worship him as lord of the underworld and see each funeral as an new source of flesh for feasting. Anubis preserves the soul from these unfortuanate corpses.

Image: Tal muscular jackhal headed man whose flesh looks like the stary night sky. His eyes are golden and his clothes are those of royalty. Under the sand dunes the images of Anubis show a faceless darkness beneath heavy robes and mummy wrappings. His arms are hel wide, welcoming all into ths cold domain.

Relations: Anubis is the husband of pasht.


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