Amateur fighter

You have been an amateur fighter for the last year, participating
in a few fights and collecting the winnings. Due to your laborious
training you have learned techniques to help extend your limits of
endurance. You have also learned to use your voice as a weapon
before fights to help keep your opponents on their heels.
Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Athletics
Extra Languages: 1 additional standard language

Robes, a fighter’s costume (gi, shorts, etc.), a set of fine
clothes, and a pouch with 30 gp in it

face the fear
When you roll an Intimidation Check or an Insight Check to
resist Intimidation, you are at advantage. You also have the
ability to organize fighting events whenever you have downtime
in a big city., which allows you to live a modest lifestyle during
your downtime. In lieu of living a modest lifestyle during your
downtime, you may support a poor lifestyle for yourself and 2
other people.

Suggested Characteristics
Personality Traits
d8 Trait
1 I am extremely brash and loud
2 I size everyone up when I meet them or enter a room
3 I don’t tease people often
4 I love having fun – anywhere, anytime
5 It makes me feel tough when I use violence or
6 I love to be challenged, and am quick to volunteer for
seemingly daunting tasks
7 I am an impatient person, with people or when waiting
8 8 I really don’t like traveling on foot

d6 Ideal
1 Protector: Fighting for others is a noble and purposeful
thing to do. (Good)
2 Thrill: Everyone wants to talk about what our point in
life is – all I care about is thrills! (Chaotic)
3 Fairness: Laws are developed for people to have a fair
playing ground, like in the ring. (Lawful)
4 Self-defense: I learned to fight because everyone needs
to make sure they can watch over themselves, and I’ll
continue doing that. (Neutral)
5 Destiny: Fighting others for sport doesn’t offer enough
– of anything – I feel like I am meant for more. (Any)
6 Power: I will continue growing more powerful until noone
can stop me. (Evil)

d6 Bond
1 I seek glory, fame, and fortune
2 I want to open a facility which helps train people to survive
in combat situations
3 I idolize a great fighter from our history, and wish to emulate
his success
4 I have a sworn enemy from when I was a fighter
5 I have a close friend who traveled with me, and we love
sharing stories
6 I would do anything for my manager, he opened the door for

d6 Flaw
1 I try to overcompensate or show-off when called weak
2 I feel the need to be the center of attention
3 I am excessively physical when I talk with people
4 It is hard for me to resist a well-paying proposition.
5 It is difficult for me to hide my emotions
6 I always try to demonstrate my strength when I’m in a crowd

Amateur fighter

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