Capital of the Avariel Elves. Just after the starfall the surviving Avariel learned how to harnes the levitation christals that landed and destroyed their nearby temple to the sky god. Seeing it as a sign from their goddess their druids used their collective magic to grow a giant tree round the levitation crystals and the remnants of their sky gods temple. The crystals lost the mass of the ground and lifted the new born city of Al-Themar to the sky. The Avariel wher saved for generations from the hardships that the surface races suffered in the destroyed lands of Pash-Mara where most lands turned in deserts and wasteland for genertations and some still are. Avariel has long been an isolated save haven for the Avariel from the other races. only dragons and the relative newborn sky whales where rivals for the sky. When the first skyships took to the sky they quickly found Al-Themar. The Avariel where always whery of the other races bud had trade with them for many generations and where known to selected tribes and families. But rarely where they welcome in the flying city. And now strangers where flying at their doorstep. The Avariel where split over wheter toe welcome the newcomers to the sky or to rebuke them. Realising that their numbers where significant fewer than that of the earthbound races and that a war would lead to their destruction, wiser minds prevailt and a small mojority voted to open the city to the skyships of the newcomers and forge treaties and new friendships. Al-Thelmar has become the main skyborn haven for skyships. Their is stil tension between the Avariel elves about letting foreigners in their living city and what this means for their safety, culture and believes. Some rejoice at the new outsider influences that breaks the mold of their milenia static culture. But the conservative group fears that their way of living is being destroyt.

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Common Races
- Avariel Elves
- Avian Godlike

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