Domains: City domain, Civilization domain, Comerce Domain, Law domain, Wealth domain
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Divinity level: Major
Symbol: key with a coin depicting a city as its handel

Wealthy father, keeper of the first vault, God of cities, commerce, merchants and wealth.

Abhadar is a god of civilization that tries to spread the law and commerce to all the races of Pash-Mara. He is the creator of money as the ultimate trade good. He is a patient God that is convinced that eventualy everybody will see the benefits of commerce and the city as it’s capital. Abhadar’s agenda of spreading cities and commerce sets him in opposition with wildernes gods like Talmar and the inhabitants of the wilds that see not the advantages of city life and trade deals. His closest allies are the other gods of civilization: Aten, Isharan and Njoku

Image: A man in fine clothes with a golden plate mail. Dwarves and gnomes imagin him with a beard and elves without any facial hair but with gold braided hair.

Followers: Abhadar’s followers defend the villages, cities and trade routes against the chaos of the wild and try to spread the ideals and order of regulated commerce and citiy life. Those on the frontier often confronted with Babarian’s, nomads and savages without the luxieries of citylife that the other followers of the god of commerce are acustomt to. His followers who live in the city often regulate fair trade, fight against forgers, conman. crooks and cartels selling illigal goods or against illigal high prices.



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